Miami-Dade Transit

Miami Dade Transit has a fleet of over 1000 buses. In 2002, the fleet director, Mr. Roosevelt Bradley installed Algae-X Fuel Conditioners on 10 of his buses to monitor their performance. The selected buses were equipped with Series 50 Detroit Diesel engines and an ECM (electronic control module) that continuous collects all engine performance data and fuel consumption. The ECM data was used to monitor the before and after installation fuel consumption and engine performance over a period of over a period of 6 months.

The table below shows the resulting average fuel consumption savings of more than 7% for these ten buses over the trial period. As a result of this trial, Miami-Dade Transit has installed the Algae-X Fuel Conditioners on their existing fleet, and are now being installed on all new buses purchased.

For a series of 400 new buses for Miami Dade built by N.A.B.I. (North American Bus Industries) and equipped with Cummins engines, the Algae-X fuel conditioners were factory installed.

Installation and data collection was performed by Florida Detroit Diesel.

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